Why should I purchase from Crystal Moments? 

Our wide range of highly customizable products are perfect for any occasion. We’re the one-stop solution for you to easily create and purchase your favorite treasures online; satisfaction guaranteed.


Product Questions


How do you engrave the image and text inside the crystal?

All of our engravings are done sub-surface by lasers as this makes the engravings permanent without damaging the crystal’s surface.


Are there any specific photo quality requirements?

No, but higher resolution and clearer photos are better for both 2D and 3D engravings. We can also help do some necessary touch-ups on photos provided by clients for better product results with no additional charge.


Can you make coloured engravings?

All engravings are composed of shades of black and white only. Sub-surface engravings are formed by countless numbers of small ‘bubbles’ burned inside the crystal by laser and cannot be colorized.


Can I create my own designs for trophies and awards?

We are happy to take custom orders but require a minimum order of 5 pieces. Please email us the specifications for the customized design; we will reply with the cost and order completion time.